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What is uPass

uPass is  a tiny web app I created to solve my own problem - keeping my passwords secure and easy to manage at the same time. Passwords are the only way to identify yourself in the Internet. Nothing better has been invented yet. However, passwords are still painful to work with:

  • People hate passwords, and for a reason;
  • Good passwords are hard to guess - therefore hard to remember;
  • You really should have different password for any service you use.

Numerous password-managing apps are here to help. Most of them are tied to one OS. None of them appealed to  me personally. The best approach I could find is  to have single ("master") password and generate account-specific passwords from it (using account name for encryption). I borrowed the idea from SuperGenPass but found its interface hard to use. Thus, uPass was born.

Why you should use it →

Why you should use it

  • Only remember one password
    Using one password for all accounts is very much risky. Remembering unique password for each account is  almost impossible, unless you are a 'mind freak'. uPass is the solution: you only need to remember master password, and uPass generates unique password for services you use. Read more.

  • Secure by default
    uPass generates mix of numbers and letters (by default 12 characters long) which are virtually impossible to brute-force.

  • Only takes a couple of key strokes
    uPass is very keyboard-friendly. Open, type master password, Enter, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-W, done!

  • Your password does not leave your device
    There is  no data transfer between your browser and uPass server. It's 100% client-side. You can even host uPass yourself, for ultimate security.

  • Works on any platform with web browser
    Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, webOS, and any future OS too.

  • Works for any service, not only web
    You can generate password no just for web service, but for anything that can be referred to  as "username". I actually use it  to secure passwords for Linux users such as "root", "www", etc.

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How uPass works

uPass takes 2 parameters: master password and domain/username. If you open uPass using browser bookmarklet or extension, domain is set automatically. F.e. if http://accounts.google.com is opened in your browser, uPass will set domain to "google". All you need to  do is type your master password and hit Enter.

uPass combines master password and domain into single string. This string is then converted into unique password. F.e. if your master password is "snowflakes" (really bad password!), domain is "google", and password length is default (12), uPass will convert "snowflakesgoogle" into "UoBIAXtIVwDQ". Copy it, close uPass and paste the password into login form.

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How to use uPass

  • Memorize your master password.
  • When you sign up with a web site, use uPass to generate unique password.
  • Next time you sign in, use uPass again to generate the same password.

Note - uPass does not "store" your passwords, therefore it will not work with passwords you had before you started using uPass. For each service (such as email), you will need to change password to match what uPass generates.

Do not change password length once you started using uPass.

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Get uPass

  • View in browser

  • Get Google Chrome extension

  • Get Safari extension

  • Get Opera extension

  • Get browser bookmarklet
    Drag this link → uPass ← into your browser's bookmarks bar (below address bar). You might need to turn it  on from Bookmarks menu. Not for mobile browsers.

  • Use on iPhone/iPad

    Open upass.in in your mobile browser, tap "Share" button, tap "Add to Home screen".

  • Use on Android

    Open upass.in in your mobile browser, add it  to bookmarks, open bookmarks, tap and hold.upass.in, tap "Add to Home screen".

  • Download and self-host
    Download uPass for backup, even if you do not plan to use it locally. Right-click and save as: upass.zip.

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  • Terms of use
    Seriously, just use it :-) uPass is free to use, modify, re-distribute, as long as link to uPass.info is provided. I  am not responsible for any damage you might experience using uPass. Use at your own risk! (But remember - not using uPass may be riskier).

  • Feedback and discussion
    To discuss uPass, please use this forum @ userecho.com.

  • Contact
    Please send your comments, compliments and complaints to contact@upass.in.

  • Acknowledgments
    Thanks to the creator(s) of SuperGenPass for the inspiration, Chris Veness for the encryption functions.

  • About me
    I am Upamanyu Das. You can find out more about me  at Cloudstudio & Upamanyu.in.

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